Colloquium: Toledo-Corral on the epidemiology of type 2 diabetes

Dr. Toledo-Corral

The Fall 2023 Biology Colloquium Series continues this Friday with a seminar by CSUN’s own Associate Professor of Health Sciences, Claudia Toledo-Corral. Dr. Toledo-Corral studies the role of biological stress responses in cardio-metabolic disease in underserved populations in Southern California. Her seminar, given with support from URISE and the Bridges to the PhD Program, will be titled, “Understanding type 2 diabetes risk: An epidemiological approach”.

Colloquium series seminars are held Fridays at 2pm in Chaparral Hall room 5122. Dr. Toledo-Corral will be available after the seminar to meet with students during a “Meet the Speaker” reception, with light refreshments, in Chaparral Hall 5201.