San Fernando Valley Iris Society offers support for plant-curious students

The San Fernando Valley Iris Society is sponsoring three scholarships of $500 to support the next generation of plant biologists, landscape architects, and plant conservationists — and to encourage the appreciation of irises in our environment.

In addition to the $500 scholarship, awardees will receive a free one-year membership in the SFVIS, and will be expected to join society activities for the calendar year of their award. For 2021, Zoom and in person meetings are the main activity and awardees should expect to participate in at least two sessions to learn about iris culture or other plant topics. In the future, SFVIS has an annual Iris Show, which the awardees will participate in, and also work at least one market sale activity once these activities commence again. This is for the purpose of introducing awardees to the fellowship in SFVIS and to appreciate the work that SFVIS puts into iris appreciation.

Applicants must be currently enrolled/or accepted by an appropriate undergraduate or graduate program in Plant Biology, Landscape Design, or be pursuing a certificate credential (e.g., in the UCLA Extension Landscape Design Program). Applicants must write a short article (300 words) about their work and career ambitions, and, if chosen, also participate in a Zoom presentation to the SFVIS Board as part of the selection process. Applications and questions should be sent to Marianne Davis at by Oct 15, 2021.

Image: A domestic iris at the Huntington Botanical Garden