Modified visualization of an IF-stained tumor section (Courtesy of the Kelber Lab).

Research panel brings biomedical scientists to campus to discuss their career experiences

The CSUN student chapter of the American Society for Biochemistry & Molecular Biology hosts a dinner and discussion panel on research experiences in biology tomorrow, November 7th, in the University Student Union, from 5 to 7pm.

The panel discussion brings together biologists at multiple career stages to provide students with a sample of career trajectories in the life sciences, especially ASBMB’s focal disciplines. Panelists include Dr. Victoria Fox, the CEO of PluriCORE and co-founder of Pathways to Stem Cell Science, and Alex Bradley, a PhD student at UCLA and organizer of the March for Science LA.

Interested graduate and undergrad students should RSVP here; a map with guidance to the panel location and nearby parking is here.