Colloquium: Karthikeyan on the public health insights available from sequencing our sewers

Dr. Karthikeyan (Caltech website)

The Spring 2024 Biology Colloquium Series continues this Friday with a seminar by Smruthi Karthikeyan, Assistant Professor of Environmental Science and Engineering at Caltech. Dr. Karthikeyan studies microbiome community structure and its contribution to the function of ecosystems ranging from soils to waterways to the human gut. Her talk will be titled “Seer in the Sewer: Unlocking the Capabilities of Wastewater Genomic Epidemiology”.

Colloquium series seminars are held Fridays at 2pm in Chaparral Hall room 5122. Dr. Karthikeyan will be available after the seminar to meet with students during a “Meet the Speaker” reception, with light refreshments, in Chaparral Hall 5201.