Hoverfly species named for the CSUN biologist who first described it

A male S. hoguei hoverfly, photographed by Dr. Hogue in San Bernardino County in 2013. (Bugguide.net)

A species of hoverfly has been named in honor of CSUN Biology lecturer and biological collections curator Dr. James N. Hogue.

The hoverfly, Sphecomyia hoguei, was formally described and proposed as a new species in a taxonomic revision of the genus Sphecomyia published in 2019 by the Canadian entomologists Kevin Moran and Jeffrey Skevington. Moran and Skevington credit Hogue with collecting the specimens used to develop the description of his eponymous hoverfly, as well as two other new species described in the revision.

Sphecomyia hoguei is distinguished from other species in the genus by its male genital morphology and the patterning of black and yellow hair on its thorax, and found in association with flowers of Frangula californica, the California coffee berry, in the San Jacinto and San Bernardino mountain ranges.