Colloquium: van Buskirk on the sleep habits of worms

Cheryl van Buskirk (CSUN Biology)

This week the Biology Colloquium seminar series features CSUN Associate Professor of Biology Cheryl van Buskirk. Dr. van Buskirk studies the regulation of sleep in the model roundworm Caenorhabditis elegans. Her talk will be entitled "To sleep or not to sleep? How C. elegans suppresses sleep need when times are tough."

Because CSUN has suspended large in-person meetings to help slow the transmission of the novel coronavirus, this week’s Colloquium will be presented by videoconference on the Zoom service. You can watch the presentation on Friday at 2pm via this meeting link, with passcode 548994. (Following the link may prompt the installation of the Zoom app in order to display video.)