Colloquium: Donovan on conservation in “social-ecological” systems

Dr. Donovan (UCSB)

This week’s seminar in the Biology Colloquium series will be given by Mary Donovan, a postdoctoral researcher with the Burkepile Lab at UC Santa Barbara and the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology. Dr. Donovan studies coral reef ecological health and conservation, and has worked with Sustainable Hawai‘i Initiative to understand and preserve coral reef resiliency. Her talk will be titled "Understanding human impacts across multiple scales to guide the conservation and management of social-ecological systems".

Because CSUN has suspended large in-person meetings to help slow the transmission of the novel coronavirus, this week’s Colloquium will be presented by videoconference on the Zoom service. You can watch the presentation starting at the usual time for colloquium seminars, Friday at 2pm, via this meeting link: (A password sent to Biology Department email lists is required. Following the link may prompt the installation of the Zoom app in order to display video.)