Scarlet gillia in Stanislaus National Forest (Flickr: Mike LaBarbera)

2019 summer positions with the US Forest Service open for applications

Stanislaus National Forest is seeking Botany Crew staff for summer 2019. Positions will last from three to six weeks, and pay at least $14.30 per hour (more depending on experience and specific location), with housing potentially available as well. From the solicitation:

Botany crew members conduct field surveys for rare vascular plants, lichens, bryophytes and invasive plants; map their locations and document their population and habitat characteristics. Weed crew members conduct surveys for invasive plants on bull dozer trails and other fire suppression-impacted sites in recent wildfire areas. Botany and weed crew members also conduct manual removal of invasive plants and may use backpack sprayers to apply herbicides at some weed sites. Exact duties will vary between the two duty stations. Some weed crew members might be required to camp for extended periods through the summer.

Desired skills include: enthusiasm for plant identification using taxonomic keys, familiarity with California flora, non-vascular plant and lichen ID; use of GPS, ARCGIS and database skills; use of topographic maps, and compass; ability to operate vehicles on rough roads, including use of 4WD; good physical fitness; willingness to work under arduous field conditions (hot, steep slopes); and good interpersonal skills.

Applications with supporting materials should be submitted via by the closing date of October 12.

Image: Scarlet gillia in Stanislaus National Forest (Flickr: Mike LaBarbera)