CSUN microbiologist on l’histoire of bacteria as cancer treatment

CSUN Professor of Biology David Bermudes was featured in the French science magazine Epsiloon, in an article by Jean-Baptiste Veyrieras recounting the history of the use of live bacteria such as Salmonella for the treatment of cancer.

In a section entitled IDÉE FOLLE OU COUP DE GÉNIE?, Bermudes was paraphrased as saying “Lorsque j’ai commencé à reparler de cette idée, on m’a traité de fou” — “When I started talking about this idea again, they called me crazy.” The article discusses many different bacteria being explored for use in the treatment of cancer, including Salmonella, the focus of ongoing research by Bermudes and his students. 

Image: A false-color microscopic image of Salmonella cells (Flickr: NIH)