Colloquium: Huang describes how individual cells get into shape

Dr. KC Huang (Huang Lab website)

This week the Biology Colloquium seminar series features KC Huang, a professor of Bioengineering, Microbiology, and Immunology at Stanford University. Dr. Huang studies the genetic and molecular processes that determine the shape and size of individual cells, and how these processes shape cellular development and interactions with the environment. His seminar, presented with support of MARC and the Bridges to the Doctorate program, will be entitled "Multiscale modeling of complex biological systems"

Because CSUN has suspended large in-person meetings to help slow the transmission of the novel coronavirus, this week’s Colloquium will be presented by videoconference on the Zoom service. You can watch the presentation on Friday at 2pm via this meeting link, with passcode Biology490. (Following the link may prompt the installation of the Zoom app in order to display video.)