A domestic rose (Flickr: Jeremy Yoder)

Richard Duenckel Garden Club Scholarship offers $1500 for students on #TeamAutotroph

The Richard Duenckel Garden Club Scholarship from the Toluca Lake Garden Club provides up to $1,500 for undergraduate and graduate students studying the biology of plants, especially with connections to horticulture.

Applications require completion of a cover sheet (available here), a 1-2 page autobiographical statement explaining the applicant’s interests in plant biology, and current unofficial transcripts. Applicants should also arrange for an employer, professor, or other mentor to provide a letter of recommendation — this person should send the letter separately. Applications and letters must be sent to Assistant Professor of Biology Yoshie Hanzawa (yoshie.hanzawa@csun.edu) by midnight on October 30 for full consideration. Full application instructions are available here.

Scholarship recipients will also be expected to write thank-you notes to the Toluca Lake Garden Club, and to make a presentation about their studies at a club meeting.

Image: A domestic rose (Flickr: Jeremy Yoder)